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Planning to Sell Your San Fernando Valley Home?

Six Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Bank

You only get one chance to make a first impression. In a housing market where the majority of buyers begin their home search online, pictures are the number one way to intrigue and impress potential homebuyers. However, enhancing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are six affordable, easy to accomplish tips for boosting your San Fernando Valley home’s curb appeal.

1. Add Style to Your Entryway
The easiest way to add some curb appeal to your San Fernando Valley home is to style your front door area. Outdoor-safe paint for your front door can be purchased at a low cost and applied easily. Choose a color that differs from your house’s exterior, but is close enough in shade to be complementary. Likewise, updating your house numbers can go a long way in modernizing your house’s façade.

2. Beautify Your Lawn and Landscaping
Having a well-manicured front lawn instantly improves a home’s curb appeal, sending a potential buyer the signal that both the outside and inside of your home or condo is attentively cared for. If you already have a lawnmower and/or a green thumb, then this is an especially inexpensive way to boost your San Fernando Valley home’s visual appeal. Simply ensure that your lawn, hedges and any other landscaping—like flower beds, bushes, and the like—are trimmed and orderly looking. Planting a few extra flowers along the walkways doesn’t hurt either.

3. Refresh Your House’s Façade
Power-washing your home’s exterior and siding is an excellent way to give your San Fernando Valley house a facelift. Refreshing your house’s exterior gives your paint job a new lease on life. Renting a power-washer typically runs between $40 to $75 a day, or else you can use your garden hose for a DIY approach.

4. Update Your Fixtures
Adding new, ambient lighting to the front of your home can go a long to add warmth and modernity to your property. Installing an updated light fixture near your front door, or adding lighting to your walkways and/or driveway area can brighten curb appeal instantly—no pun intended.

5. Attend to Your Windows
Spiffing up your windows by cleaning the glass on both inside and outside of your home can make your house look fresh and new—and it’s easily and cheaply accomplished! Even a quick spray with a garden hose can wash away built-up dirt, cobwebs, and grime that might otherwise add a dirtied filter to natural sunlight.

These simple, economical steps greatly add to your San Fernando Valley home’s curb appeal—and most of these projects can be completed in a single weekend. Remember that buyers rely on photos to pique their interest online, so tending to the details of curb appeal can make all the difference in finding a buyer for your home.

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