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Fact Check: 3 Common Myths About Buying and Selling Real Estate in the San Fernando Valley

If you’re preparing to buy your first home or condo, or you’re selling your home for the first time in greater Los Angeles, you have probably gotten a lot of advice. Much of it might be very helpful. Other advice you receive may not be so helpful, or may not be entirely true. There are many myths about real estate which tend to float around even if they aren’t grounded in fact or reality.
Here’s a look at 3 common myths about buying and selling real estate in the San Fernando Valley, along with the truth about some of these claims.

1. You Will Get A Better Deal If You Don’t Use a Buyer’s Agent
This is just untrue. If you’re looking at a home for sale, the sales commission is already built into the price. Moreover, the term “deal” is ambiguous, as without an agent, the time you’ll have to spend finding the home that fits all your criteria, along with preparing an enticing offer is going to be substantial. Top San Fernando Valley real estate agents leverage their experience, knowledge and technology to not only expose you to the greatest selection of homes available, but use their streamlined systems and expertise to help you in making a competitive offer, and negotiating other important terms and conditions.

2. You Will Save Money If You List Your Home For Sale By Owner
This is also a common myth. It is true that some people successfully sell their San Fernando Valley home on their own. However, in a competitive market such as Los Angeles, in order to get top dollar for your home, you’re going to have to market your home extensively to attract the biggest pool of buyers. Keep in mind that nearly every buyer begins their search for a home online, so you’ll need to have a robust online marketing program to maximize exposure. That will require sophisticated photos, virtual tours, and more, all of which a top real estate agent in the San Fernando Valley will provide for you. Finally, unless you’re a true master of negotiation, selling your home on your own, when most buyers will have an agent working on their behalf, puts you at a disadvantage, as you’ll be negotiating with someone who probably has much more experience in real estate negotiations than you.

3. You Have To Remodel Before Selling Your Home
Depending upon the scope of a project, a renovation can help you to sell your home in some cases. In other cases, the decision can backfire. It is true that you want your home looking its best when your agent lists it for sale. However, deciding to embark on major renovations, does not necessarily mean your home will attract higher offers. That’s because it’s entirely possible that a prospective buyer doesn’t share your taste when it comes to design. Yet, if they know that you’ve just completed a major remodel, such as redoing a kitchen or bath, they may be reluctant to remodel yet again. To be on the safe side, it’s best to consult with a top San Fernando Valley realtor before embarking on a major remodel prior to listing your home for sale.

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